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Hello there. I make mediocre noises that combine into a cacophony of sound.

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It's about time for an actual update, I'd say! The summer's nearing its end and everything is still up in the air regarding how Chicago will go forward with public health concerns. Classes are about to start back up and I'm now down a car as well as paying more for rent than I was last year. Despite that, I think my mental health is in a better place than it has been in the past. I'm hoping to make bigger strides with music this year than I have previously, which means I'm gonna have to start churning out some more regular stuff (mostly practice sketches).

My plan is to focus on improving my orchestral composition skills first and foremost. In the environment that I work in, my ability is currently not up to the standard that I believe it should be. This doesn't mean I won't submit any other kinds of music, but expect that the lion's share will be either orchestral (cinematic/classical) or chamber-oriented.

On another topic, I'm also floating the idea of opening up for commissions; some family members have continuously asked me over the past year and a half if I would consider it, so I'm willing to give it a go and see if there's any interest. I'd be keeping pricing relatively low (< $50), but I'm not looking to have large, multi-track requests. Those are better worked out over PM, email, etc. I'd be willing to do arrangements, original pieces, collabs, what have you, so if anyone thinks that sounds up their alley, I'll set up a form to keep things easy. This is not something I'm expecting to do for very long since work can be a "feast or famine" type deal, but it could be fun!

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