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Hello there. I make mediocre noises that combine into a cacophony of sound.

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Hello, Newgroundertianbens!

As always, it has been a while since I last posted a News update. I've thought in the past that these would be best reserved for large developments, but as time goes along, I see it wasting away on the still waters of this account. Going forward, I'm planning to use this more often so that my account doesn't appear abandoned at various times throughout the year. 

First off, it's far past due time for me to give thanks to all of you that are following this account. I passed over 100 fans a while ago, which was something I was not expecting to happen at all this year. I recall, some time ago, being stuck at 19 for what seemed like eons - I feel like that's my favorite number now. I'm aware that this influx is in no small part due to the GD community, so I owe some thanks to you guys. I've been keeping up with all of the... er... issues regarding the game and Newgrounds, and it's nice to see that, to a certain extent, things have been sorted out (Yes, I have been lurking). I, of course, am grateful for the criticism and support of anyone who follows me (or doesn't). The talent of Newgrounds knows no bounds, so it can be hard to feel like you're really making a step forward when you're focused on everything else happening around you.

Speaking of that, I have also been really bad with reviews in the past year or two. By that, I mean I've hardly made any of them. I do observe and rate a lot of the content, especially of the people I follow, but I haven't really sat myself down and written even a short message of support in a while. I used to feel like I should hold my tongue unless I had some sort of insight to share, but that paradigm has proven to accomplish nothing other than dismissing the opportunity to share the experience of art and music. Since I'm not exactly a harsh critic, it's been little more than an excuse to say nothing. I'll try to be more active with giving feedback to work.

Past that, there's not a lot to say. Life's going along. Though as artists it often seems like we are more prone to divulging the vulnerable or intimate parts of our life, I'm going to keep personal things to myself for the time being. I'm hoping to get more music done than I did last year. It shouldn't be hard; I'm already 2/3 of the way there. Hopefully you'll like what you hear! Enjoy yourselves and your summer, people!


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