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Your writing is always clever and engaging, and your animation always looks very distinguished, with a quality that never fails to please. The voice work might be a little stilted, but it obviously still has enough attention to fit with the characters and not stick out from the work. Very nice :D

That was quite unsettling... I love it.

The wolf's jaws at the end were drawn with such distinct style :3

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Hey, the 4 AM brain rot is setting in for me so I don't have much constructive feedback to give. Luckily you're in the ADM (gl on round 2!) so you'll inevitably get a bunch of useful criticism anyways. I really enjoy the piece! Personally I like that you're leaning into the writing trajectory you set with the last round submission. The slow building up over time and layering of disparate elements creates some pretty enjoyable textures. The violin and flute are very nice together and I don't particularly mind that they come in without any real setup after over 5 minutes of music. The whole thing works since it continues to evolve and iterate upon itself. Minimalist music has an audience even when a single work can stretch over an hour of time. What you've got here alters itself enough that it doesn't feel too static to me, regardless of sticking to a single chord progression. I respect the commitment to let an idea play itself out rather than cutting it short before it's really settled in. Maybe some people won't handle the decent length of this piece well, but it's not necessary to make something intended for all people at all times. Personally I have to be in the right headspace to sit down for long music, but when I'm in that mood it hits hard. I think this music fits that area for me. Great work! Best of luck! :)

AlbeGian responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback Deemo!!

Nice stuff! I know some Touhou music buffs who would probably really like this track lol. Those ZUNpets make the comparison impossible to escape, BUT I do hear more of a Pokemon-ish approach slip in towards the back half of the piece, especially from 1:21 onwards. I like the melody for the A section, it's pretty catchy! Congrats on getting some shiny new vintage gear too, are you planning on making some more stuff with it in the near future?

Mudstep responds:

Thanks Deemo! Yeah, I'm definitely planning on using it more in the future. I have a few arrangements planned that'll rely quite a bit on these sounds!

Really liking the vibe! The pumping energy feels great, and I like the chiptune elements. Congrats on the frontpage, this is a cool track! I know you're thinking maybe you could have injected more variety in here, but I dunno, what you've got works for me. It's a straight-shooter but I don't think that always has to be a problem - it certainly makes it easier to use as a background piece for projects!

JohnMontoya responds:

Thank you for your feedback and comment! Yeah, I addressed the simplicity in my news post about this song. I dunno, I've been finding it difficult to add variety in my songs recently. Releasing a new song every week will definitely help me come up with new and innovative ideas methinks. :)

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Wow, I really like this one! The star looks like a glass piece and is colored really well. I actually like that its reflection is back past the horizon because the inability to tell where exactly it is in space actually enhances the feeling of the work to me. The character being bathed in shadow is perfect, too!

Hee hee. Am-purr-sand - I love it. Great design! :D

I'm always drawn to pictures of this little guy - love how you sketched him. The soft, no-outline coloring is really cute, too. Very warm! The busted pokeball was a nice touch after the initial sketch. Looks like Pikachu's missing a bit of the brown coloring towards the base of his tail?

FuShark responds:

Thanks! Because of the angle of the pose I felt it wouldn't be visible. Sharp eye though, thanks for pointing it out. :>

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