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Your writing is always clever and engaging, and your animation always looks very distinguished, with a quality that never fails to please. The voice work might be a little stilted, but it obviously still has enough attention to fit with the characters and not stick out from the work. Very nice :D

That was quite unsettling... I love it.

The wolf's jaws at the end were drawn with such distinct style :3

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I’ve been listening but not commenting much lately - however, I do particularly love what you have here. I think your experience in making large, epic textures has really borne fruit in mixing these sorts of grand, sweeping orchestrations. I’m not sure how exactly you get it as clear as it is without overwhelming the mix. On another note, I can definitely hear how composers like Powell and Coker have influenced your writing. I’m honestly envious of how well you’ve drawn their orchestral touches into your own style. These days I have to drive a bit farther than I’m used to when going to work, but I take the time to listen to things like the HTTYD3 soundtrack on the way. Your work certainly enthralls me on a similar level at times! Great work as always, can’t wait for what’s next!

CloakedSoup responds:

Thanks man! I was definitely satisfied with this piece in terms of composition, though the mixing could use a little smoothing over in some spots and the solo horn patch near the opening was causing a certain issue that you can probably hear. I've gotta back to make some finishing touches with this and the last piece I uploaded sometime after I finish a plate of work I've got going on this month, but I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless! :D P.S. If you have the time reply to my Discord DM, please do. ;D

Gave this a 5 while casually passing through before, but now that I'm listening to it again I definitely have to add it to the favorites list. Superb talent! EWQL brass is not always my favorite in certain contexts, but you've used them very well! The synth ostinatos and drum design are by far my favorite elements of the track, really adds the flavor to bring the whole thing to an "earworm" status! :)

JessieYun responds:

Hey Deemo-R,
Thank you very much for the comment, I'm very glad you enjoyed this track! And I'm glad that the synth worked well on this track, especially since it was my first time adding synths from a computer.

I haven't actually heard the original tune, but this arrangement is really something special. The time spent waiting to finish it was definitely not wasted. Great work to you guys, and kudos to the mysterious singer! I really miss your music in these long periods between uploads, so I'll just keep this one on a loop until you come back. :3

Step responds:

My frequency of music releases is wayyy too thin. Totally agreed :(.

But I'm super happy that you enjoyed this. Thank you very much for the review!

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The YouTube link doesn't lead anywhere; it appears to not even be a complete link.

Either way, incredible stuff on the animation! Glad to hear the project is going well, and I listened to a few of Sagey's SC tracks and can tell that it's going to be a real treat!

Carrion responds:

Fixed it!

DAMN that is adorable. I really love the painterly texture on your shading.

Awesome stuff, love the style. That looks a little bit like Shovel Knight on the left... :3

Hello there. I make mediocre noises that combine into a cacophony of sound.

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